Summer has almost gone

And Autumn is starting to nip at our toes.

Iv had a wonderful time harvesting produce and creating beverages, jams and preserves.


Cherrys in syrup

DSC_5320Blueberry and Cherry Jam, Cherrys in alcohol, and Blueberry liquor


Honey Mead (sparkling)

its delicious!


95% proof Absinthe

I’m still to scared to try


black current wine (sparkling)


Elderflower, lemon, lime, cucumber refreshing cordial

along with many other drinks and lots of home baking for friends and family.

Iv also been tackling another project, iv started making an earth oven ( like a pizza oven but holds heat longer so i can bake bread and roast mets ).


I started with a underneath insulating layer


then added a sand layer

then added my fire bricks


after that it was sand castles time


followed by clay or mud pie fun


mixing the clay with sand and bark and compost by foot requires ones tongue to be poking to the right


the clay mask worked wonders for my feet


now is the first of the insulating layers


almost covered it


it is most important to dry the clay slowly so keeping covered with damp sacks

and thats where I’m up too. next weekend I’m doing another mud exfoliating foot treatment and the final insulating layer.

Iv also done some more work to my studio and will save the updates for a little later on.

The cats have become very comfortable outside


Luna lounging on the deck of the studio


Toran always cleaning bibibids from his tail


Ok so till next time keep creating xxx


Hello 2016

moving from the cold wintery branches of 2015


into the warm new beginnings of 2016 has been pure joy.

My time has been occupied with work (which pays my bills) and enjoying my kittens and a new hobby. Unfortunately my art is taking a back seat to life at present, and I’m ok with this as i feel I’m gaining energy and inspiration for my next body of work.

I collected my kittens Toran and Luna on 16th of october they were 11 weeks old


They are Siamese Javanese cross.



Naturally they are spoilt rotten and have gone from shy scary cats to bold playful whirlwinds of destruction.


Xmas brought all new adventures of tree destruction


and currently they are exploring the sheds and outbuildings on the property


Luna enjoying a soft seat


Toran hanging out on my studio deck




The view is quite lovely at this time of year especially with a cold cider.


Everything is growing well in the garden



As for my new Hobby of distilling alcohol I’m starting to get adventurous and most surfaces are covered in new flavours or brews.





I haven’t completely given up art, i sent off a big piece to an exhibition on Waiheke Island.


Best Of The Best

22 January – 22 February 2016

The gallery is very excited to present an exhibition featuring outstanding works from New Zealand Art and Design graduates in the Main Gallery.

The ‘Best of The Best’ is a snapshot of New Zealands up and coming art and design graduates from all around the country. These artists were selected from over 70 entries in Objectspace’s 2015 exhibition ‘Best in Show’, with new works being presented for our Waiheke exhibition. Their work spans ceramics, furniture, jewellery, industrial design, garments, textiles, product design, lighting and sculpture.

A special welcome to Hugo Lindsay and Zephir Delamore – two young Waiheke painters invited to participate in this group of exhibiting artists. Hugo won the Zinni Douglas Merit Award at the 2014 Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Award and exhibited his work at Elam in December. Zephir’s current work explores painting and sculpture and how art influences us as human beings.

Participating artists include: Kim Whalen, Arielle Walker, Bellalucy Irvines, Ben Palmer, Chrissie Cleary, Esther Keenan, Hannah Andersen, Hugo Lindsay, Jordan Hayns, Kirsty Templeton, Laureen Jones, Mercedes Lowe, Michael Potter, Robyn Haultain, Rupert Herring, Sandra Schmid, Sarah Watters, Severine Costa.


Waiheke Community Art Gallery Inc


2 Korora Rd Oneroa Waiheke Island 1081

Ph 64 9 372 9907 fax 64 9 372 9917

So till next time keep creating xxx

Blub Blub Blub

This week has been most un productive on the art front but creation and growth is defiantly rampant throughout my home. The Oyster mushrooms are sprouting.


The alcohol is fermenting check out this link

and the slugs and snails are still making interesting designs daily on the windows



I am back at work but still can’t get the gremlins out of my chest ( they have layered foundations i think).

Over the weekend i watched some inspirational art documentary’s and two of them re enforced the importance of social media within the art word and how powerful a tool it is in the artists kit.



If your online presence is becoming a drag or its hard to find the time then watch these two docos, (I’m re inspired).

Also on my lazy dvd weekend i watched Jean-Michel Basquiat: the radiant child i had seen the movie about him but this dvd has actual footage of the artist and i found it far superior. He really was a prolific artist.


This saturday I’m helping to man Emerging Light Gallery so pop in for a chat if your passing by.

And finally i had to deal to a Yam that looked like it needed to go toilet……perhaps my knife scared the wee out of it?


till next time keep creating xxx

Sick of being sick

Since my last post (Eeek a few months ago) life has been quite full on i finally got some work done to my studio. The window got put in which has improved the light a thousand times and i can get a through breeze in summer when the tin roof becomes a sauna


I got my file draws made into a storage unit and inking table for printing


(thick glass on top for inking)

And i got the sink put into a solid work bench awaiting a plumber to get water on and drainage



whilst all this was going on my studio was and still is in chaos.

After that i started at a new job (which i love), working as a cook and reliever for an early childhood education facility.


One frosty morning from the car park

I had an uneventful birthday

Iv been sick with the flu 3 times, yes three times. During the sick times i didn’t quite manage to get my piece glued, framed, and dropped off to this years Friends of Pataka (i was so gutted) but there is always next year.


it’s still waiting

My beloved cat got sick and after two tortuous weeks of worrying and expensive testing Neptune had to be put to sleep. His tiny furry body is resting in peace next to his pond. i will be concerting the grave once its had time to settle, then planting it with catnip.


Neptunes death has been so hard and much more painful than when my Nana passed away, there is a void in my life which cannot be filled.

I have tried to keep busy and luckily iv had the group exhibition “Confluent” which i worked towards. the piece i made is in direct response to a poem by Hal Gimpelson called “We can’t photograph each cloud”



This exhibition is currently on and will be until 24th of September. Pop along and see it as its full of outstanding artists responses to some extremely talented local poets works.


Tomorrow I’m back at work after being off from the third bout of flu and I’m looking to get life back on track and my art moving in exciting new directions.

here are some photos i took while i was sick of some art made by slugs & snails on the window



And here are my Granada’s orchids still flowering every year a great symbol of life after death and beauty surviving winters cold



Till next time keep creating xxx

Time Lapse Portial

So i missed last weeks post due to making a time-lapse video and nearly missed todays post due to the same thing. Who knew time-lapse would consume so much of my life ( great idea Laureen!!! ). So iv almost got all my settings sorted and my angles right it just takes so long in editing. thank goodness for this tutorial

While making the time-lapse  take one to 100 i actually managed to complete a new piece here is a glimpse


Also i have managed to up cycle some old art off cuts for a dear and cheeky friends birthday.


Birthday Card


Pussy Panties (oh such bad taste)


yes its a Male G String

& Yes its a real cat head

In year 2 of my studying i acquired a dead cat and decided to try my hand at curing the pelt and skeleton re construction. This was my first time and the cat head turned out looking rather disturbing and almost cartoon like so i didn’t use it for my serious art work ( a hand bound catalogue )


cat book 1

Oh well He loved his Pussy Panties and has promised a naked photo shoot when he gets over the fright of something furry staring at him from within the wrapping paper (he is terrified of Rats ).

ok till next time keep creating xx and ill keep improving my time-lapse skills.